REST API Overview

The Spredfast Experiences REST API is the programmatic interface to Spredfast Experiences.


General information about the structure and capabilities of the Spredfast Experiences API.

Stream API

The Stream API provides approved status entities from a stream. Use the Stream API to create visualizations of curated Tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram images and more.

Stream Meta API

The Stream Meta API provides information about and derived from the entities in a stream. Most notably, this information includes counts (total number of entities in a stream, split by their moderation status (pending, approved, rejected)), and activity (arrays of per-minute, per-hour, and per-day counts). Use the Stream Meta API to create visualizations such as line graphs, polls, leaderboards, or counters.

Stream Entities API

The Stream Entities API provides individual, specific approved statuses from a stream sorted from most recently approved to least recently approved.

Leaderboard APIs

The different Leaderboard APIs also provide information about and derived from the entities in a stream, useful for creating leaderboard-style visualizations. These include Top Hashtags, Top URLs, Top Terms, Top User Mentions, Top Constrained Topics, and Top Shares.

Account API

The Account API provides limited meta information (entity counts, entity activity rates, etc.) about a set of streams belonging to an individual user account. Use the Account API to get a list of streams for a particular user or to quickly find out information about several streams.

Compare API

The Compare API provides volume comparison, in percentages, between multiple streams. This is commonly used in social polls (like Hashtag Battles) to identify, in realtime, the volume of one topic vs others.

Flock to Unlock API

In a Flock to Unlock, the teeming masses strive to unlock goodies by tweeting or posting enough to reach specific volume targets (e.g., display a behind-the-scenes photo if we get 1000 tweets w/the #flock hashtag). The Flock to Unlock API provides information about the state of a Flock to Unlock, describing percentage progress towards its target thresholds and, if achieved, the thresholds' unlocked payloads.


Frequently Asked Questions about the API.