Stream Entities API

Provides specific approved status entities from a stream sorted from most recently approved to least recently approved (in most cases, this is reverse chronological order).

This endpoint is useful for displaying a single item from a stream (e.g. in a details view).

Displaying Status Entities

Special care must be taken when displaying status entities.

To access data from the API, a customer must have accepted Spredfast Experiences's API usage agreement for a given stream. This includes agreeing to comply with Twitter's Display Requirements and Guidelines for using Tweets in broadcast when displaying Twitter statuses.

Twitter Display Requirements

Twitter Guidelines for using Tweets in broadcast

Resource URL

Example URL:,595351941137371136



Comma-separated list of one or more entity_id values of approved items in the stream.
Type: string
Default: N/A
Example Value: 749457935733950347_25025320,10151666172766466_11020191,385820297313533952
Enables JSONP support. Wraps JSON response with a JavaScript function of given name.
Type: string
Default: N/A
Example Value: myFunction
Notes: jsonp is a supported alias.